Saturday, 26 November 2016

Critical Reflection

Throughout this effective communication module, I found out that there are various skills required to be an effective communicator. In the first week, each of us were asked if we had any problems speaking in public. In the first week, Brad gave us a task which was to mingle with our new classmates. It was fun as we got to know each other better. 

From then on, we were given various tasks which required intensive writing and giving oral presentations. Initially, my writing was rusty due to a hiatus of not writing. The first task was writing a summary of an article.  I didn't know that writing a summary could be that hard. After that, we had to write a reader's response. Over the weeks, I managed to grasp a lot of writing techniques as well as learning a different style of writing which was the APA style.

Previously, I did not know there were various styles of writing but Brad really exposed us to these new styles which was very interesting.  Brad also took great effort to educate us in using proper language, verb tenses and transitional words. On top of that, we also had to send formal emails to communicate with a client for our report. This gave us great exposure to effectively communicate with real clients in the future.

We had group discussions and had to present our ideas to one another. This encouraged us to work with different people and will prepare us for the work environment in the future. The formal presentation was certainly one of the best takeaways for me. Presenting with a new style broadens my mind and I get to try out new presentation styles as well. 

Nevertheless, all good times will come to an end. This module has indeed been very fulfilling and satisfying. I would like to thank Brad and my classmates for making the class environment conducive and fun. I hope to apply the knowledge gained in the near future.

- Commented on Ming Kang's Critical Reflection on 9 December
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  1. Thank you for this detailed, fluent and comprehensive reflection, Akmal. I'm happy to know that you found so many takeaways among the tasks in SIE2016 this term even when the work was so diverse and challenging. I'm also impressed that your attitude always stayed positive. That sort of upbeat approach will take you far.

    Along with the good vibes I really appreciate your hard work. All the best as you continue your learning journey!

    1. Thank you Brad for making this module engaging and interesting. Hope to see you around!

  2. Yo Akmal,

    Yes its true this module one hell of an interesting and fun module. As your close friend, I have seen your language skills improve and speak more fluent english frequently. Hope this does not end here, and this continues till the day we do not need to speak english.!!
    Have a good day and enjoy your holidays..!

    1. Yo Ali!

      I doubt there wont be a day where we do not need to speak English. You have a great holiday ahead too!

  3. Hello Akmal!

    You have nicely presented a smooth flow of events throughout this module. It is good to know that you learned new knowledge and enjoyed the module. I wish you all the best in the future! :)