Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Importance Of English

English language has been around for centuries and now, it is a language to communicate for many people around the world. Throughout my journey in learning English, the most important step for me was to firstly communicate in English. Since, I was not from an English speaking background, it was quite intimidating to communicate with other people. Foundation is important in any aspects.

My English journey started when I was young. The very first English lesson was during my kindergarten period. It was there when the teachers would teach us the basics of pronunciation of words, using pictures to help us better understand, phonics and also repetitive practice. At that point in time, it did not seem too appealing to me.

However, as everyone else was trying to learn the language, I was also forced to learn it too. In addition to that, the only way to get to know one another person from a different race was to converse in English. Teachers will only converse to us in English throughout lessons. Whenever we communicated with one another in a different language, they would coax and persuade us to not be afraid in communicating in English.

Looking back, I am happy to have been pushed to learn English since young. Being able to understand, listen and communicate in English with other people is an accomplishment to me. The basic foundations are very important for any aspects. Take for example, a building. It needs to have strong foundations in order to keep the building stable. Therefore, learning English is not a topic I fancy when young but I am appreciating it as I grow older.

As I grew older, English is a much needed tool for communicating with others. It has definitely been easier to communicate with others as my command in English is already stable. At my previous work place, the common language we mostly used was English. English is ingrained in my life now and is applicable in everyday life.

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  1. Hi Akmal

    Reading your blogpost definitely reminisce me back to my kindergarten days too. I like the fact that your post is able to relate with most people.

    However, one improvement that I feel could be good is to further elaborate more on the importance of English as you grow older. It's great that you mention that foundation is important. Therefore, it would be interesting to know how the journey is like.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Masyita

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll take note and improvise respectively.


  3. Hi Akmal, I think we are in the same boat. I can understand how you feel when you mention that you feel intimidated to communicate in English. Sometimes or should I say most of the time, I will have to structure my sentences to myself before I speak. I am just scared others might get the wrong idea of what i trying to say. Anyway, good sharing of your experience. Cheers!

    1. Hey Ahmad. Thanks for your feedback! Appreciate it

  4. Thank you, Akmal, for this clear, well focused and interesting reflection. I appreciate how you have kept the discussion limited to your early steps of the English language journey, particularly during kindergarten and primary school, but I also understand Masyita's concern. You have mentioned that later English became "a much needed tool," and I wonder how.

    There are a few language problems, especially in terms of verb tense usage:
    1) If I could recall correctly...
    2) Throughout the lessons, the teachers will only teach us...
    3) English may not be a topic I fancy when I was young...
    4) it had been easier to communicate with others...

    These are minor issues but worth considering.

    I appreciate your hard work!

    1. Will take note of the points and revise them accordingly. Thanks!